Flatbed Towing Service Wallingford

Getting caught in a situation where you need towing service is quite stressful. Your tension gets compounded with the thought of whether your vehicle will be transported safely to wherever you want.

Thankfully, you need not have any such worries when you call ABC Towing for help. We offer flatbed towing service in Wallingford, WA and its surrounding areas. We send over a flatbed tow truck on which your vehicle is carefully loaded and secured. This ensures that it is delivered to the destination in the same condition as it was when we picked it up.

In fact, we provide flatbed towing service to move all kinds of things, including:

  • Motorcycles, cars, SUVs, vans and trucks
  • Limos and motor homes
  • High-end and Classic cars
  • Industrial equipment
  • Special cargo like airplane parts

Think only of us when you need flatbed towing in Wallingford!

Flatbed Tow Truck Wallingford

We pride ourselves as a service-oriented and customer-friendly company. Delivering seamless towing service and protecting the best interests of the customer is #1 priority for us.

That is why we make sure that every flatbed tow truck in our fleet is:

  • Powerful
  • Maintained in top condition
  • Equipped with excellent winching equipment
  • Manned by qualified and reliable operators

We also take care that the vehicle, machinery or equipment we have to transport is loaded and unloaded very carefully onto the flatbed tow truck. After requesting us for flatbed tow truck in Wallingford, you can sit back and relax with the assurance that your towing job will be completed in the most professional and damage-free manner.

Wallingford Flatbed Towing Service

There may be quite a few companies providing flatbed towing service in Wallingford, but not all have the same capabilities or similar commitment towards their work.

Get in touch with us if you want flatbed tow truck service that combines the best in:

  • Timeliness
  • Efficiency
  • Flatbed towing rates
  • Customer care

We appreciate that the need for towing services does not arise only during the standard business hours and also understand that waiting for the tow truck can be stressful. Therefore, we make our flatbed towing service available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Our towing crew comprises professionals with long experience in handling flatbed tow truck jobs. They are trained for completing jobs smoothly as well as fostering lasting customer relationships.

When you need to call in a flatbed tow truck in the Wallingford area, turn to ABC Towing. Reach us at (206) 457-2530.